Mega Glam Life – hit the jackpot!

Mega Glam Life Jackpot

The icing on the cake would have been a progressive jackpot!

You only have to look at the Pinocchio, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde or Rockstar slots to have tangible proof of the quality, often unmatched, of its productions. Unfortunately, it seems that at this time of year, the talent provider is in dire need of a holiday when you take a look at one of his latest creations, the Mega Glam Life slot machine! 

The Tops

  • A display of luxury items in 3D!
  • Free spins for bling-bling every time!
  • A bonus game that turns into a yacht party!

The Flops

  • Indeed, our editor-in-chief, damn him, wanted to devote an entire review to this new slot and the least we can say is that we did not enjoy our gaming experience on it very much! Indeed, this slot is none other than the sequel of the same publisher’s slot machine The Glam Life which also did not convince us much… Betsoft, what’s going on these days? Is there a lack of inspiration? Are your best developers on holiday? You’ve got us used to so much better!

A Rolex from the start!

Mega Glam Life

As the name suggests, the central theme of the Mega Glam Life slot machine is bling-bling, flashing, clicking and so on! The concept is a good one, and one that is often used by gambling developers. But why not take this brilliant idea to its logical conclusion and outdo it by offering a completely flashy slot? Yes, my dear Betsoft, neither your sound animations (almost non-existent) nor your visual animations have convinced us on Mega Glam Life! And what’s the point of remaking The Glam Life slot machine if it’s to put exactly the same symbols on the reels again? So yes, we understand that being rich means having a nice shiny car, a bling watch (not even a Rolex, Séguéla will appreciate it), a champagne bucket, a personal jet so as not to miss the Manolo Blahnik private sales on the other side of the world and a nice yacht to go on a cruise in St Bart, but we also have to think about innovating! It’s quite simple, even Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian wouldn’t want these objects! So Mr Betsoft, what happened when you developed this machine? Don’t tell us that the current economic crisis is also reflected in your creations! Because that would be the last straw!

Well, to please our editor, we did test this machine! It consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines (Ah, 5 less than the first version, so it looks like Betsoft is in crisis!) Even if you’re not a jet-setter, you can still play on this machine since the betting limits are between $0.02 and $100.

For the yacht, you’ll have to wait for the bonus game!

Mega Glam Life slot

Well, the good news in all this is that Betsoft is still generous in terms of bonuses! Indeed, Mega Glam Life has a Scatter symbol featuring a pretty Caribbean island, no doubt Mosquito Island, the favourite holiday destination of the world’s biggest billionaires! It’s quite simple, next to it, even St Barths looks like the campsites of Cap d’Agde! That said, we’re not here to rant about the favourite places of the world’s richest people, so let’s focus on this bonus. If you see the Scatter symbol appear 3,4 or 5 times on the reels you can win between 3 and 16 free spins during your game! In addition, Betsoft also provides a Wild symbol that will allow you to win huge amounts of money! This symbol can substitute for any symbol in the game and make you a very rich man or woman! What’s more, as soon as 3 Wild symbols appear on your reels, you’ll be able to enjoy an extra free spin that could, once again, make you a real jackpot winner!

Ha, I can see your interest in this machine suddenly swelling again! So wait until you read on! Indeed, even if Mega Glam Life presents poor graphics, (the last straw, yes, we are laughing at BCEL!), the slot still has its share of quality! And we have to salute the genius of Betsoft who integrates an explosive mini-game to this slot! It’s called Money Wheel and it could well turn your bank card into an American Express Centurion, yes, the famous one: “The Black Card”! Indeed, if you are lucky enough to see this symbol appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, you will be able to win one of the three jackpots of this slot machine: the first one amounts to $3,233.47, the second to $32,457.77 and the third to $414,984.47! So, with such high sums, you’ll be able to hop on a private jet and celebrate your victory on Mosquito Island!

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