Sports betting tips that might help you

Sports betting

Sports betting is not an exact science and no one can promise you the exact outcome of a sporting event. Take your chances, follow the right profiles and secure your bets to maximise your chances of success! 

Bet on a striker in football

When in doubt about the big games, betting on a striker is pretty safe. The odds are around 2.00 and above. For example, betting on Mohamed Salah over the 2017 / 2018 season was almost more profitable than betting on Liverpool to win. 

Try football lotto grids

Football fans are big supporters of the football lotto grid. On a misunderstanding it can be a jackpot for your bankroll. However, if you want to secure your winnings, this is clearly not the type of bet we would recommend. 

Have fun with combination bets

Sports betting guide

Combination betting allows you to multiply the final odds of your ticket even though it obviously increases the risk of losing. However, it is sometimes safer to bet on three 1.30 odds than on one 2.00 event and the final payout will be higher with your combination bet! 

Secure your winnings with Double Chance bets

Do you want to double your chances of success? Nothing could be easier than betting on a win for the A team or a draw. This is called a “double chance” bet. If one of the two events happens, your bet will be a winner! The odds are obviously lower on this type of bet but it may be worth it. 

Bet on the number of goals/points per game

If you are in doubt about who will win, it is sometimes better to bet on the number of goals or points scored during the match. For this, we recommend that you rely on the statistics of previous matches. This type of betting is very common in basketball. 

Bet at the beginning of the season

Remember when Leicester won the Premier League? Some English fans bet on the Foxes to win the title. A bet that turned out to be very, very profitable. So why not you? Do yourself a favour and place one or more risky bets at the start of the league. Your small bet could bring you a nice jackpot! 

Live betting

Sports betting tips

Livebets are great if you are unsure or simply don’t have time to bet before the game. Betting live can be very profitable as the odds change during the match. However, it is time consuming as you will have to watch every live sports match to find the interesting bets. 

Control the time with the “Cash-out

To maximise your success rate, take advantage of the cash-out option to stop your bet before the end of the event. The payout will obviously be less but it will allow you to secure your riskiest bets (especially if you feel the tide may turn). 

Take advantage of free bets on social networks

What is a free bet? On a regular basis, a bookmaker may offer you a little game where you just have to answer a simple question. The only prize is a voucher for betting on the bookmaker’s site (e.g. a $5 voucher for betting on Unibet).

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