Project Updates

Getting Ready....

The long, cold winter is over (man, we hope)... Department staff has been working furiously,,, consultant advisors have been churning through the depths of zoning code details.... and we're getting closer and closer to the payoff on all of your feedback over the past year and beyond!

First, the latest draft of the long-awaited Form-Based Code component of the Plan Build Live initiative will be the subject of a public hearing in front of Council's Livable Communities Committee on May 7.  Approved by the Planning Commission on April 7, the Form-Based Code needs both Committee approval and full Council approval to go into effect.  The Livable Communities Committee hearing will be held at 1:00 PM in City Hall's Council Chambers (801 Plum Street).  We'd love to have you come out and show your support for this important initiative!  You can find the draft Form-Based Code in the Documents section of this web site or at the link below.

Second, stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to get your teeth into the rest of the zoning code  We're getting ready to launch an online survey focusing on the key issues that the code revision will address....including some of the ever-popular chances to try your hand at being a Council member, neighborhood president, and more.

Finally, as draft sections of the code are ready over the next few months, we'll be rolling them out to the public in-person and online.  Stay tuned for details!

A New Opportunity for You to Get involved: Plan Build Live....Sight!

We're so excited to announce that Cincinnati is one of the first cities in the nation to launch a new type of participation app -- one that's designed to let you tell us what you love, and what you want changed, right at the moment when you are standing there looking at it.

Plan Build Live...Sight!  is a new site that lets you take a photo, upload it, tag it and tell what you think about that place.  It's particularly designed for mobile phone use, although you can use it from your desktop, laptop or tablet, too.  Here's how it works: 

1.  Scan the QR code below with your phone or navigate you browser to

2.  Take a picture of something in Cincinnati -- a place you like, a place you would like to see change, whatever. 

3.  Go to the "Add a Place" link on the site

4. Upload your photo, tag your location and tell us what you think

5.  Check back in regularly to see what people are saying about your place and others... and watch the map fill up!

Be sure to use Plan Build Live...Sight when you are our shopping and celebrating this weekend.  The site won't be up forever, so make sure you Sight the places that matter to you soon!





Plan Build Live wins Public Relations Award

We’re delighted to announce that Plan Build Live won a Cincinnati chapter, Public Relations Society of America Blacksmith Award last week for our community engagement efforts.  Here's what our partners at Northlich wrote:

"Within the first months of the campaign launch, we secured the following results:

  • More than 3.1 million print and online earned impressions,
  • Front page of the business section in the Cincinnati Enquirer,
  • Coverage in other key Cincinnati outlets such as the Business Courier, the Cincinnati Herald, and Soapbox,
  • 700+ residents attending the citywide Urban Design Workshop, and
  • More than 102,179 social media impressions."

Not too bad for a zoning code rewrite…

Thanks also to our friends at Urban Interactive Studios and MindMixer, who are together responsible for Plan Build Live’s  online platforms – the first project collaboration between online public engagement firms that we know of.  But we've got more to come... stay tuned!

Video of Neighborhood Charrette final presentation -- November 1, 2012

Many, many thanks to our friends at CitiCable for videotaping and posting the final presentation of the Neighborhood Charrette!

This video includes

  • An introduction from  Charles Graves, Director of the Department of Planning and Buildings
  • Welcome statements from Mayor Mark Mallory and Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, 
  • An overview of the Form-Based Code's current status from Dan Parolek, Principal of Opticos Design, and 
  • Overviews of the Vision Plans for the four neighborhoods from Joe Nickol and Maggie O'Connor of Urban Design Associates.

Neighborhood Charrette Closing Presentation Slides

The slides for the final presentation of the Neighborhood Charrette are available in the Documents section of this site, here:

Two Hours Until the Neighborhood Charrettes Final Presentation

This is it! Your last chance to clear your schedule for the Final Presentation of the week's work on Neighborhood Form-Based Codes. Your neighbors from College Hill, Madisonville, Walnut Hills, and Westwood have been hard at work with urban designers, City staff, and consultants to bring reality to Cincinnati's new Form-Based Code, by implementing it in their actual neighborhoods. Come see how it turned out!

Honestly, while a number of other neighborhoods will probably adopt Form-Based Codes, their charrettes won't have quite the implications of this one. This one is the test, to see what it really takes to make this new tool work in neighborhoods.

Come on down to Centennial II, at 805 Central Ave., from 6:00-8:00!

Aaaand finally...Walnut Hills Pin-Up presentation, October 31.

Never last or least... except in terms of getting video uploads to work. Here are two videos of the Walnut Hills Pin-Up from last night. Be sure to check the previous blog post for the transportation discussion.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Madisonville Pin-Up video, October 31, 2012

Sorry for the onslaught of blog posts, but we wanted to make sure everyone had access to the videos and slides from this week before the charrette closes tonight.  Here are two videos from the Madisonville Pin Up, with Paul Ostergaard of Urban Design Associates presenting: 

For those of you keeping score, that leaves the Walnut Hills Pin-up, which is uploading now.  Stay tuned!

Neighborhood Charrettes Final Presentation - TONIGHT!!

If you're at all interested in the future of Cincinnati neighborhoods, you owe it to yourself to come downtown tonight and see the Neighborhood Charrette Final Presentations. Building on the City-wide Charrette earlier this year, this is the first real test, with real neighborhoods, of the Cincinnati Form-Based Code.

Four neighborhoods - College Hill, Madisonville, Walnut Hills, and Westwood - worked to be the first to apply Form-Based Codes directly to the centers of their communities. Neighbors have been working all week with national and local consultants to build a vision of their neighborhoods for the coming generations, and now we all get to see the results!

So come on down to 805 Central Ave. (right behind City Hall), Centennial II, from 6:00-8:00!

Transportation Videos from Walnut Hills/Madisonville Pin Up, 10 31 12

The videos keep coming...During the Pin Up #2 session on Wednesday, October 31, DeWayne Carver and Rick Hall from Hall Planning and Engineering discussed some transportation issues that pertained specifically to Walnut Hills, but also impact Madisonville and other neigborhoods as well.  Here's the video from those sessions: