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The Westwood That Could - Maybe  | November 21, 2012

It’s been more than 40 years since the Harrison Avenue business district was a hub of activity, where neighbors chit-chatted on the sidewalk, supported mom-and-pop shops or caught a movie at the Westwood Theater. read more>>


Cincinnati's Form-Based Code and Transect

Better! Cities and Towns (formerly New Urban Network)  | June 5, 2012  

As part of a charrette held the week of Saturday April 28th, Opticos Design built upon months of field documentation, including many hours spent on Google Earth, mapping analysis, photography, and an assessment of the existing zoning code to refine an initial calibration of Cincinnati’s urban-to-rural Transect. read more>> Cincinnati Has the Type of Housing Millenials and Baby-Boomers Want  | May 23, 2012  

Many U.S. cities lack middle-density housing options, which were built less frequently after the 1940′s, when trends shifted toward auto-centric development and single-family home ownership. But more Millennials and Baby Boomers are now choosing smaller living spaces in walkable neighborhoods, and Cincinnati is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. more>>


Addressing ‘missing middle’ housing in the Queen City

Better! Cities and Towns (formerly New Urban Network)  | May 15, 2012  

Cincinnati’s urban neighborhoods are at a tipping point. The city has lost 40 percent of its population since 1950, leaving suburban densities in the city’s formerly urban neighborhoods.   read more>>


Cincinnati Moving to Form-Based Development Code  | May 7, 2012.

After suffering a major hit from the housing crisis, Cincinnati is moving forward with an innovative approach to building more>>


Cincinnati Embraces the Form-Based Code  | May 7, 2012.

As Cincinnati embarks on an effort to rewrite its building regulations, city leaders hope a form-based code will provide the tools necessary to revitalize its neighborhoods, writes Carrie Whitaker.

With an estimated 700 Cincinnatians participating in workshops last week to help design its new form-based code, the city's Department of Planning and Buildings is hoping they've found the right tool to revive a city that has half the population it did 60 years ago, and a 17 percent housing vacancy rate. read more>>


Cincinnati Betting on New Development Code  | May 6, 2012.

Almost twice as many people lived in Cincinnati 60 years ago.

But then cars made it easier to get things farther from home and families elected to move to quieter, more spacious and sometimes safer suburbs. Longtime residents passed away, and their children chose not to stay. read more>>


Workshop Sharpens City Neighborhood Quality of Life  | May 3, 2012.

DOWNTOWN — Cincinnatians dreamed big this week about what their neighborhoods could be.

Roughly 700 people took part in a five-day workshop ending Wednesday night to create the framework for a new development formula known as form-based code. read more>>


FBC Champion

ArchiNATI  | May 1, 2012.

“We don’t have to build faux-old neighborhoods on greenfield sites.” – RQ

Presenters continuously echoed the sentiment that Cincinnati’s diverse neighborhoods have great character on Saturday morning at the opening of the Form-Based Code (FBC) charette. The Form-Based Code is meant to maintain and enhance these characteristics and give residents a chance to create a sense of place. read more>>


Cincinnati Moves Forward With Citywide "Complete Streets" Initiative

UrbanCincy  | May 1, 2012.

Some streets just do not feel safe to walk along. Perhaps it is the lack of space between the cars driving by or even the lack of a sidewalk in some instances. It’s even more precarious for bicyclists who sometimes have the benefit of designated bicycle lanes but most of the times compete with cars to share space on the roads.

It was not always like this. When the automobiles first came around at the dawn of the twentieth century, they had to compete with a lively street scene that included horse drawn buggies, pedestrians and bicyclists. read more>>


College Hill Considers New Development Code  | April 26, 2012

Like neighborhoods in Nashville, Miami and Denver, College Hill may become one of the first Cincinnati neighborhoods to employ a new model for development known as form-based code.

Simply put, instead of the current zoning code based on use of the property, form-based code zeroes in on look. read more>>


Plan, Build, Live encourages community feedback

Soapbox  | April 24, 2012.  

City and neighborhood leaders, led by Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, have been building support for a new approach to development regulations for more than four years. Much of that has been developed through the program Plan, Build, Live. .read more>>


City Officials ask residents to help design great neighborhoods

Cincinnati Herald | April 21, 2012

City of Cincinnati leaders, including Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls and Charles Graves, Director of the City Planning & Buildings Department, invite the public to a five-day city-wide collaboration designed to give Cincinnati’s residents a direct role in setting the city’s development course for the future.  read more>>


Plan Build Live Effort Targets Cincinnati Development Process

Business Courier  | February 24, 2012

The city of Cincinnati today launched its Plan Build Live initiative to transform the city’s development process for residents, communities, businesses and property owners. The project will evaluate and rewrite Cincinnati’s complex development regulations into a smooth process to make development and redevelopment easier for neighborhoods and communities, according to a news release. read more >>

Qualls Aims to Simplify Development

Cincinnati Enquirer | February 24, 2012 | Cincinnati officials say they want to improve how the city reviews and approves development projects. On Friday, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and Charles Graves, director of the Planning and Buildings Department, unveiled the Plan Build Live initiative.

Cincinnati Changing Permitting & Planning Process

91.7 WVXU News | February 24, 2012 | Cincinnati is launching an effort to make it faster and simpler to get a building permit. Officials said the goal is to cut the wait time and gradually go from a paper to paperless, online process. A $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is funding the effort. read more >>

Cincinnati's First Comprehensive Planning Process in 30 Years

88.5 WMUB Oxford | February 24, 2012 | “Plan Build Live is an important milestone for ensuring the city’s future growth,” Graves said. “Plan Build Live will make development and redevelopment easier for neighborhoods and communities, while also improving the city’s environment, residents’ health and the community’s access to transportation choices.” Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls is encouraging residents to participate in the process. read more >>