Plan Build Live wins Public Relations Award

We’re delighted to announce that Plan Build Live won a Cincinnati chapter, Public Relations Society of America Blacksmith Award last week for our community engagement efforts.  Here's what our partners at Northlich wrote:

"Within the first months of the campaign launch, we secured the following results:

  • More than 3.1 million print and online earned impressions,
  • Front page of the business section in the Cincinnati Enquirer,
  • Coverage in other key Cincinnati outlets such as the Business Courier, the Cincinnati Herald, and Soapbox,
  • 700+ residents attending the citywide Urban Design Workshop, and
  • More than 102,179 social media impressions."

Not too bad for a zoning code rewrite…

Thanks also to our friends at Urban Interactive Studios and MindMixer, who are together responsible for Plan Build Live’s  online platforms – the first project collaboration between online public engagement firms that we know of.  But we've got more to come... stay tuned!