Frequently Asked Questions

You will. Whether you live in Cincinnati, work in the city, or come in to enjoy its many amenities, the Land Development Code will shape a better city for you. Developers will have an easier time navigating the permit process. Neighborhoods will have better tools to preserve and develop what makes them unique and valuable. Everyone will experience a Cincinnati that is steadily becoming more vibrant, useable, and sustainable for generations to come.

No. Real estate developers are obviously important to the project’s success, as they engage very directly with regulations.  But they are far from the only voices we need to hear from.  The process will only be effective if it reflects what the City’s residents, business operators and regular visitors tell us.

You can get involved in whatever way is most convenient and comfortable for you -- there are many ways to make yourself heard. Check this website often to find out about upcoming opportunities to work together in person. Also, explore our online participation site through the arrow-shaped link at the top of the home page .  It will take you to a site designed to catalog all our ideas and opinions about improving our City -- it even offers rewards for the most active participants!

Plan Build Live’s primary goal is to create a Land Development Code that encourages and enables the improvements the people of Cincinnati want. The project is meaningless without your involvement.

Plan Build Live is the first step in implementing the recommendations of Plan Cincinnati – recommendations based on feedback of thousands of City residents. Plan Cincinnati is nearly complete. We expect the plan to be adopted in mid-2012. 

Plan Build Live will very closely follow Plan Cincinnati’s recommendations. We look forward to everyone joining in this effort as well!

The program funded by the grant will be complete by the end of 2013.

This is obviously an extraordinary project for City staff, far beyond their usual job descriptions. To handle this relatively short-term (two years) need, the City has contracted with a group of area-expert consultants from Cincinnati and around the country.

LDC stands for Land Development Code. It’s the more formal name for Plan Build Live, a first-in-the-nation project in which City staff work with Cincinnati’s developers, businesses and citizens to build a consistent regulatory system. Property owners will follow a simple, predictable path when they enhance their properties. With the new development code in place, Plan Build Live will encourage development in a manner we can all appreciate.

The project is possible because the City of Cincinnati won a $2.4 Million Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This award was the fourth highest award made in the 2010 grant cycle. The City’s proposal was successful because it included local matching funds from several partner organizations: the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD), the Mill Creek Restoration Project, the Cincinnati Board of Health and the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS). These local matching funds consist of both money and in-kind funding – staff time and other resources.